Private policy

Protecting your privacy is a priority for us. We are also committed to protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ personal information in an electronic environment. Chez Bernard will not divulge to any third party any confidential information on its clients (name, address, telephone or fax number, or email address). This section describes our protocol with regard to the collection and use of information that you forward to us.

The information you provide to us is for our use and our use only. In every instance, it will be treated in a manner conducive to maintaining its confidentiality. Under no conditions will we accept to sell or exchange the data collected via this website. Similarly, we will never accept or take any steps to obtain personal information that concerns you alone, unless you choose to transmit this information to us yourself. The sole purpose of asking you to provide information is to help us serve you better. Your information enables us to better adapt the content of our website to a general profile of our clientele. This makes it possible for us to improve our services in an ongoing manner. Your email address will only be used to communicate with you, to provide information on special offers and on novelties regarding the website itself. Your email address will not be revealed to anyone else, whether organization, enterprise or other.

Cookie technology is widely used on the Internet. It is harmless and cannot transmit any computer virus to your computer. You can, at any time, disable the cookie function on your computer, but this may impede the proper operation of certain functions on the website you are visiting. No cookie is able to identify you.



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